Honestly, if I could take a class by Stephen Farthing I don’t know what I would do with myself. This is just wonderful.

"we have our heading"  /  9.25.14

"we have our heading" / 9.25.14

looking for keys in inspiration  /  9.21.14

looking for keys in inspiration / 9.21.14

Drawing on Drawing a Hypothesis - Performance

A contemporary performance on drawing. ~25 min.
Enjoyable and stirring - definitely touching on some of the problems being found in my work.

grad studio work  //  9.8.14

grad studio work // 9.8.14

For those artists in the room,

do you want to be known as an artist like Koons, whom has made millions but is seen merely as a “caricature of the indecently rich ravening after the vulgarly bright and shiny”, or like Michelangelo, whom has made some of the most awe inspiring work that overwhelms viewers so much that they faint?

Something to ponder.


Austin Kleon wrote a little booklet about how artists steal. It sold well and now probably sits on the back of quite a few American toilets. He wrote another little thing on “getting yourself out there”, or self-promotion. It really belongs in the toilet, but I still keep it on my self.

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Small Thoughts On Words

I don’t use words enough. Words themselves has a ton of power and I learn this every day with the help of my English loving wife. As a visual orientated thinker, I tend to make my photos, my posts, and my life too pretty and make sure everything is just right before it goes out. While this can be great and has its place with final work- a journal is not the place to limit yourself.

I also don’t want to be part of the stream of trash and waste that clamors for the attention of others in our excessively saturated visual entertainment culture.

Prepare to see a lot more words - especially related to this summer’a work. Read it - or not if that cat GIF it just too cool - and mull over it. Ask questions about it and rant about the stupidity of this to your friends.

Upcoming work I am excited about

jenny saville - oxyrhynchus
mark bradford - my head became a rock
toby ziegler

a gallon of home brew iced coffee makes a happy home  /  7.2.14

a gallon of home brew iced coffee makes a happy home  /  7.2.14

storms on my way home  /  6.26.14

storms on my way home / 6.26.14

Saltcoats/Irvine, Scotland